How we construct your garden room

Base Garden Rooms - Garden Room Foundations


The Foundations for the Building are formed by digging the suitable amount of 600x600x600mm holes for the size of the structure. These holes are filled with concrete and when dry concrete blocks are laid to create the upstands for the floor to be constructed.

Base Garden Rooms - Garden Room Floor Contruction

Floor Construction

Once the concrete block upstands have set, a damp proof course (DPC) is laid between the upstand and timber frame work (150x50mm) to eliminate the chance of damp rising into the building. The framework is fixed together, with double joists around the perimeter with joist hangers supporting the spanning timbers. Once the floor has been insulated, and walls errected. 22mm moisture resistant tongue and groove chipboard sub flooring is laid. It is all finished with an engineered oak floor when the internal decoration is complete.

Base Garden Rooms - Garden Room Wall Contruction

Wall Construction

The walls are then constructed with 100x50mm timber studs, these are then levelled and fixed into place and lined in plywood for structural strength. It then has a breathable membrane wrapped around the entire building to ensure it is fully water tight, but still allows the walls to breathe.

Base Garden Rooms - Garden Room Roof Contruction

Roof Construction

Once the walls are completed the roof is constructed with 150×50 timbers. The roofs as standard,are flat rubber roofs, with a 2-3 degree fall from front to back, but we also offer a pitched roof option to any of our buildings which are then covered in a breathable membrane felt then battened and tiled with a traditional peg or nib tile for which we have samples available.

Base Garden Rooms - Garden Room Breathable Membrane

Breathable Membrane

The Breathable membrane is wrapped around the whole building ensuring the whole structure is water tight. Due to the building being a natrual product it needs to breathe and not sweat and this is acheived with the membrane.

Base Garden Rooms - Garden Room Floors and Finishings

Floors and Finishings

All of our buildings are clad with 12.5mm plasterboard internally then finished with a skim coat of plaster and fully decorated in white as standard and left ready to take the floor finish . After the internal decoration is completed the 20mm engineered oak floor is laid on top of a foam underlay. Skirtings are then fitted and painted.

Base Garden Rooms - Garden Room Electrical and lighting

Electrical and lighting

The electrical cables are run in the studs while the building is being constructed. The supply for the garden building is brought in from the main consumer unit inside the house, with steel wire armoured cable hidden underground ( if allowable ) in a trench to the new RCD fuse board fixed inside the building. This supplies all the power to the room.

Base Garden Rooms - Garden Room Exterior Finishes

Exterior Finishes

The Buildings are finished externally, in a choice of cladding. They come with Scandinavian Larch as standard but we also offer the oppurtunity to upgrade to oak shiplap boarding for our more traditonal buildings and Iroko or Western Red Cedar for our contemporary cabins. The Larch or Cedar can be fitted either vertically or horizontally (although vertically is currently more on trend .)

Once fitted the timber is left untreated to mellow and age organically and will age in different ways depending on which elevation faces which direction. The buildings although beautiful from the offset typically take one full set of seasons to be fully at one with your garden and will be the talk of all your friends and family for many years to come.

Note: Iroko Cladding Shown